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regarding the 2019 conference…

May 20-22 2019 | Dallas, Texas

Revealing best practices and tools for every step of the preconstruction workflow, Advancing Preconstruction & Estimating is the all-encompassing conference on estimating, planning and design collaboration.

You’ll receive education specific to your job, while learning how to integrate with the project team to raise the bar on project delivery.

In 2019, the event will focus on:

  • Accurate Conceptual Estimating & Fast Take-Off
  • Design Collaboration & Design Assist Processes
  • Making Bidding & Subcontractor Management Easier
  • Leveraging Data Analytics & Automation

You’ll also hear from contractors, trades, architects and owners about how they are improving collaboration and developing an integrated preconstruction process to raise the bar on project delivery. You really won’t want to miss it!

Get a taste of what the event will offer you and your team here.

"This was easily one of the best conferences I have ever been to. Conferences I have attended in the past have been more sales pitches than learning opportunities, but every speaker here came with fresh ideas and was insightful and educational. There was more talk on HOW attendees could achieve possibilities instead of just what possibilities were out there."

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