Maximizing Collaboration & Integration
Across the Entire Preconstruction Lifecycle

May 20-22 2019 | Dallas, Texas

Day One
Tuesday, May 21

Day Two
Wednesday, May 22

The State of the Industry

Chair’s Opening Remarks

Where Are We Headed? Construction Economic Trends in 2019 & Beyond


  • Analyzing labor, materials and demand as causes of inflation: How does inflation affect your business and estimates?
  • Understanding the many types of inflation indices and how using the wrong one could impact your fee
  • Reviewing the current state of material costs, labor availability, tariffs, business volume, and how to avoid oversights in forecasting to ensure you stay in control of your business opportunities

Create a Collaborative Estimating Environment & Leverage the Expertise of Your Team

  • Steve Watt Market Segment Manager - Estimating / Cost Planning, Trimble


If you have used tools like Google Drive to collaborate on documents, worksheets, etc., you understand the power and increased productivity associated with having multiple team members developing, reviewing, and annotating these documents at the same time. Today, it’s possible to develop your estimate in exactly the same way. Gone are the days where you must accept the risk of merging multiple estimate files before you can review and complete the estimate. Being able to tackle large project estimates with multiple contributors will allow you to more quickly turn-around the estimate, with the knowledge that the estimate is always up-to-date.

In this session you’ll learn how you can leverage the expertise of each or your estimators, regardless of where they are physically located, and collaborate on the same estimate at the same time.

Morning Refreshments

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10.00 Forecasting in Action: Translating Trend Analysis into Bids & Estimates

Kristen Young, Senior Cost Estimator, MBP Inc
Chris McLuckie, Project Manager, MBP Inc

10.40 Exploring Advanced Tools & Systems for Better Tracking & Managing Regional Cost Differences

Chris Krueger, VP Preconstruction, Owen Steel Company Inc

11.20 Predictive Analytics: The Future of Cost Forecasting

Matthew Kelliher-Gibson, Analytics Manager, Gordian

11.50 Lunch Break

1.30 Panel: Reading Between the Lines: How Can You Optimize Bids When Owner Requirements Are Left Unclear?

Micah Hovda, Chief Estimator, Vaughn Construction
Dave Bartolai, VP Preconstruction, James McHugh Construction Co.

14.10 Dividing Project Scope Earlier to Better Engage Potential Subs & Increase Accuracy of Conceptual Estimates

Chris Jackson, Director of Preconstruction Services, The Austin Company
Amy Hewis, Preconstruction Coordinator, The Austin Company

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10.00 How Can Teams Successfully Market Preconstruction Services as a Significant Value Add?

Steve Watkins, Director of Preconstruction, Walsh Construction

10.40 Panel: Getting Under the Skin of the Bidding Process: What Can You Do to Secure the Best Project Partners?

Boris Letuchy, Director of Project Management, Union Bank
Salvatore Casuccio, Senior Estimator, LeChase Construction

11.20 BIM Model Utilizing both a BIM Import Template & Model Mapping

Justin Hobby, Product Specialist, Exactal Corporation

11.50 Lunch Break

12.50 Taking a Radical Approach to Procurement, Planning & Estimating that Raised the Bar for Project Delivery

Tim Schaefer, Director of Project Management, CBRE Healthcare
Brandon Bardowsky, VP Facilities, Design & Construction, Inspira Health Network
Jonathan Bykowski, Practice Leader, Continuous Improvement, Array Architects
Rebecca Pizzi, Project Executive, Skanska USA

13.30 Becoming a Design Manager: How Can the GC Better Manage Clients & Designers When Placed into an Advisory Role?

Kyle Caudell, Contract Manager & Assistant PM, D-Mar Construction
Ernesto Miranda, Principal, Magellan Architects
Don Lee, CEO, Impact Professional Group Inc.

14.10 Case Study: Optimizing Information Handover from Preconstruction to Operations

Jeff Litwin, Preconstruction Manager, ACE Services

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10.00 Capturing the Past to Improve the Future: The Journey from Filtered to Big Data

Scott Warren, Director of Estimating, Ryan Companies

10.40 Attaining More Certain, Optimum Outcomes Through Predictive Modeling & Analysis

Mark Sands, Data Analytics Consultant

Scott Warren, Director of Estimating, Ryan Companies

11.50 Lunch Break

12.50 Building 18-Stories with Timber Framing: Exploring How a Team Can Work Together to Adapt to New Tools & Transform the Way We Build

Karla Fraser, Senior Project Manager, Urban One Builders
Mark Bartlett, Regional Director, WoodWorks™

13.30 Case Study: Utilizing Computational Analysis Tools to Really Ease Model Take-off Across the Board

Hannu Lindberg, Director of VDC, DPR Construction

14.10 Harnessing AI & Machine Learning for Trend Analysis & Automation

Jim McCarthy, Director of Preconstruction, VDC & Solutions Engineering, M&W Group

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10.00 Taking a Proactive Approach to Risk: Improving Collaboration Between Owners & Contractors to Identify Risk

Webb Embry, Director of Preconstruction, Universal Health Inc

10.40 Audience Discussion: Integrating Risk Considerations Across Preconstruction Planning

11.50 Lunch Break

13.30 Tracking & Managing Subcontractor Risk to Inform Prequalification

Ed Littleton, SVP Risk Management, Balfour Beatty Construction

14.10 Panel: Balancing Risk & Competitiveness: How Can You Build in Contingency & Still Win Work?

Mark Fryar, Director of Campus Planning, Baylor, Scott & White
Clark Taylor, VP Estimating, Mortenson
Chris Kinney, Estimating Manager, Honeywell
Joseph Strub, Chief Estimator, MEDCO Construction

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10.00 Owner Roundtable: Motivating Project Teams to Collaborate for Superior Performance and Results

Sue Klawans, Principal, SK Lean

10.40 Panel: Setting Clear Requirements & Expectations from Day One to Ensure Accountability of All Team Members

Katie Willis, VP Preconstruction & Estimating, The Howard Hughes Corporation
Joe Sugiyama, Director of Preconstruction, CA Ventures
Natasha Moore, Senior Process Improvement Analyst, Design & Construction Department, HCA

11.50 Lunch Break

12.50 Enhancing the Buyout Process to Deliver Maximum Value to All Parties

Todd Fisk, Preconstruction Manager, Alberici Constructors


13.30 Panel: Leveraging Data from Past Projects to Inform Initial Conceptual Estimates & Capital Budget Plans

Mike Dyer, Capital Projects Estimator, Port of Seattle
Phil Larson, Program Manager, Sound Transit
Natasha Moore, Senior Process Improvement Analyst, Design & Construction Department, HCA

14.10 Integrating Life Cycle Cost Considerations into Preconstruction Planning

Kathleen Langan, VP & Practice Leader, McKissack & McKissack

Afternoon Refreshments

Panel: How to Drive Change in Preconstruction


As the Chairs of the tracks draw together the key takeaways from each of the rooms on the second day, this panel will open discussion to how lessons learned from conference presentations can truly be actioned back in the office.

Planning for 2020 & Beyond

End of Conference