Maximizing Collaboration & Integration
Across the Entire Preconstruction Lifecycle

May 20-22 2019 | Dallas, Texas

About AIA Design Collaboration Day

We’re delighted to invite you to Advancing Preconstruction 2019: Design Collaboration Day. Taking place on Tuesday May 21 2019, this AIA approved event will provide 5 LUs for your professional development, and enable you to benchmark your experiences with other design phase leaders to understand how to enhance collaboration during preconstruction.

The presenters and audience for the day will be a diverse mix of architects, clients and contractors.

Are you…

  • Looking to optimize design assist with project partners?
  • Want to better understand how to deliver maximum value to clients?
  • Trying to integrate your work with contractors to ensure designs are optimized?
  • Fed up of poor communication and constant design changes during preconstruction?

If the answer is yes to any of these questions, this is a day you need to be a part of in 2019.

Download your Design Collaboration Day brochure today to find out more

Not only is this one of the best networking opportunities you will have this year to meet with other architects, as well as potential partners and clients, you will take away practical skills to support partners and achieve true collaboration on your next project.

But that’s not all….

This event is part of Advancing Preconstruction & Estimating 2019, a conference which explores best practices across bidding, estimating, planning, risk management and much more. Registration for this larger conference includes entry to the Design Collaboration Day, so you should explore whether you want to only attend the AIA Approved Day, or whether to also participate in the whole conference.

Full details of registration options are available here