Maximizing Collaboration & Integration
Across the Entire Preconstruction Lifecycle

May 20-22 2019 | Dallas, Texas

DCD Agenda

Advancing Preconstruction 2019: Design Collaboration Day | Tuesday, May 21 2019

Integrated Preconstruction

7.50 Chair’s Opening Remarks
8.00 Leveraging Partner Experience & Integrating Preconstruction with Operations to Navigate Logistics & Planning of a Major Coliseum Restoration During the Football Season

  • Establishing roundtable thinking: What happens when teams must draw their collective experience together to create innovative solutions to overcome schedule and logistical constraints?
  • Demonstrating the benefits of long-term relationships between partners, owner flexibility, and collaborative planning to ensure trust and alignment of efforts at every stage
  • Managing preconstruction as a moving target by bringing operations into the room earlier to secure success with planning of logistics, manpower, and construction unknowns
Jeff Moe, Senior Construction Manager, University of Southern California
9.30 Speed Networking & Morning Refreshments  

Taking a Team Approach to Design

10.30 Drafting the A Team: How to Forge Trust & Alignment of All Players for Preconstruction Victory

  • Understanding how more collaborative contract structures and earlier introduction of GCs affects the building of relationships: What do general contractors look for in potential design partners?
  • Discussing how different stakeholders must adapt their skills and perspectives to establish trust, understanding of one another’s needs and minimize contention
  • Exploring best practices for maintaining synergy throughout the project team and keep client led value front of mind, especially when working with teams that have not collaborated before

George Watts, Program Executive, Hoar Program Management

Jeremiah Donati, Director of Intercollegiate Athletics, Texas Christian University

David Skaggs, Principal, HKS Architects

Jerry Crawford, VP & General Manager, Turner Construction

11.10 The Owner Perspective: Establishing Effective Design Reviews to Ensure Constructability & Minimize On-going Design Changes

  • Promoting early consideration of constructability in design, ensuring sufficient time is given for the right people to review this in the preconstruction phase
  • Establishing priorities from the review process and improving communication with the design team to set a common understanding of ‘closure’ to issues identified
  • Exploring the potential for digital document review to streamline communications and ensure items do not get missed
Katie Willis, VP Preconstruction & Estimating, The Howard Hughes Corporation
11.50 The GC Perspective: Establishing an Effective Independent Review Process to Confirm Constructability of Designs

  • Promoting early consideration of constructability in design, ensuring sufficient time is given for the right people to review this in the preconstruction phase
  • Defining scope of service(s), managing expectations for the desired outcome, and establishing rules of engagement for the collective benefit of the Owner
  • Establishing priorities from the review process and improving communication with the design team to set a common understanding of ‘closure’ to issues identified
  • Discussing current options and methods available for the electronic review of documents and tracking items through closure
Mike Clippinger, VP & National Quality Director, J E Dunn Construction Company
12.30 Lunch Break  

Optimizing Design Assist

1.20 Managing & Documenting Design Changes & Updates

  • Improving the documentation of potential changes to ensure clarity over what has been integrated into final designs and what has not
  • Benchmarking tools and systems to better document and manage comment control on designs at each stage
  • Reviewing efficient approaches for aligning costs with design changes: How can architects and contractors best manage this process as various documents are issued?
Kelsey Stein, National Preconstruction Technology Manager, Skanska USA
2.00 Case Study: Outlining How Subcontractors Can Be Brought in Earlier to Increase Quality & Accuracy of Designs

  • Highlighting the optimal time to be brought into collaborative workflows as a subcontractor to provide maximum value
  • Establishing your position as a design partner: How can you gain respect and trust in a new workflow?
  • Improving the coordination of model hand offs to ensure the architect has completed sufficient LOD without overlap of efforts post-handover


Justin Davis, VP Preconstruction, Walker Engineering
2.40 Benchmarking Best Practices to Streamline Communication & Transparency Throughout the Design Process

  • Maintaining an open culture to ensure that all parties constructively participate in design development and maintain the ultimate goal of increasing value
  • Establishing timelines and transparency among all stakeholders to ensure that owners are fully integrated into the design process
  • Streamlining a continuous workflow of design updates, reviews and cost updates to optimize change management and minimize disruption to preconstruction efforts
Stefanie Becker, Director of Integrated Design & Delivery, McCarthy Building Companies
3.20 Afternoon Refreshments  

A Truly Collaborative Design Process

3.40 Panel: Ensuring All Stakeholders Become Proactive Contributors in Design Meetings

  • Opening the eyes of different parties in the room to the new potential role they can play in the design process
  • Assessing how owners can best motivate project partners to see themselves as a member of the design team and reduce fear of finger pointing when wrong decisions are made
  • Hearing success stories of increased value when architects and contractors step out of their lane to significantly increase value





Boris Letuchy, Director of Project Management, Union Bank

Jennifer Cull, Associate Principal, Beck Architecture LLC

Ernesto Miranda, Principal, Magellan Architects

Jacob Keith, Director of Preconstruction, Layton Construction

Justin Davis, VP Preconstruction, Walker Engineering

4.20 Redefining Preconstruction: How Can We Prove & Maximize the Value of Preconstruction Services?

  • Reviewing the business case for Preconstruction Services: Where can it have the most significant impact and how can this be used to drive buy in from all stakeholders?
  • Exploring the boundaries of ‘preconstruction’ and how each party can maximize the value they bring to the table
  • Benchmarking realistic costs of full preconstruction services and improving the way this is managed between clients, design and construction firms

Steve Dell’Orto, SVP, Clark Construction

Mike Meadors, EVP Preconstruction, Nabholz Corporation

Dan Cook, Director of Preconstruction Services, R&H Construction

Jim Brain, Chief Estimator, Webcor

Kathleen Langan, VP & Practice Leader, McKissack & McKissack

Mark Beckler, VP Estimating, C E Floyd Co

5.10 End of Design Collaboration Day
5.40 Building Connected Sponsored Drinks Reception