Maximizing Collaboration & Integration
Across the Entire Preconstruction Lifecycle

May 20-22 2019 | Dallas, Texas

Day One
Tuesday, May 21

Day Two
Wednesday, May 22

Chair’s Opening Remarks

Integrated Preconstruction

Leveraging Partner Experience & Integrating Preconstruction with Operations to Navigate Logistics & Planning of a Major Coliseum Restoration During the Football Season

  • Jeff Moe Senior Construction Manager, University of Southern California


  • Establishing roundtable thinking: What happens when teams must draw their collective experience together to create innovative solutions to overcome schedule and logistical constraints?
  • Demonstrating the benefits of long-term relationships between partners, owner flexibility, and collaborative planning to ensure trust and alignment of efforts at every stage
  • Managing preconstruction as a moving target by bringing operations into the room earlier to secure success with planning of logistics, manpower, and construction unknowns

Exploring the Future of Preconstruction


  • Outlining the challenges general contractors face, current industry trends, and what the future of preconstruction looks like
  • Demonstrating the impact of technology on preconstruction and how the industry is adapting to these changes
  • Hearing how general contractors have streamlined operations and increase efficiency, collaboration and visibility

Speed Networking & Morning Refreshments

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10.30 Ensuring Consistency in the Breakdown of Project Scope to Increase Efficiency & Ease Historical Data Collection

Allen LaSala, Preconstruction Manager, The Howard Hughes Corporation

11.10 Filling in the Gaps: How Can You Better Estimate Undefined Portions of Designs?

Chris Angus, VP Preconstruction Services, Sellen Construction

11.50 Spotlights: Integrated Preconstruction

Mike Hurley,Chief Estimator, Clark Construction

Joe McCoy, VP & Chief Estimator II, Gilbane Building Company

Landon McQuestion, Senior Estimator, Balfour Beatty Construction

12.20 Lunch Break

13.20 Case Study: Establishing Conceptual Estimating Practices Across a Smaller Project Portfolio

Mark Beckler, VP Estimating, CE Floyd Company

14.00 Benchmarking Best Practices for Self- Perform Workflows

Ryan Bandel, VP Build Operations, Lighthouse Electric

14:.40 Conceptual Estimating: Choose Your Weapon

Walt Davis, Senior Manager of Strategic Alliances, Sage

Nick Papadopoulos, CEO, Eos Group

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10.30 Case Study: Capturing the Lean Advantage from Design to Estimate Using BIM

Lumin Abraham, BIM Estimating Manager, Limbach Company

11.10 Breakouts: Benchmarking Trade Specific Approaches to Optimizing Bids & Estimates

11.50 New Bid Management Product Features: Help before and after the bid

DeWayne Adamson, CEO, Pantera Global Technology, Inc.
Karen Herrera, SVP – Director of Qualification, Pantera Global Technology, Inc.

12.20 Lunch Break

13.20 The GC Perspective: What is a Priority in the Selection of Subcontractors for Different Contract Types?

Mike Meadors, EVP Preconstruction Services, Nabholz Corporation
Dave Bartolai, VP Preconstruction, James McHugh Construction Co.
Caleigh Raymer, Director of Preconstruction, Lendlease
Kyle Caudell, Contract Manager & Assistant PM, D-Mar Construction
John Kurtz, Preconstruction Manager, Hoar Construction

14.00 The Sub Perspective: How Can I Better Qualify & Select Which Bids to Go for?

Justin Pollard, Senior Estimator, The Murphy Company
Robert Grossman, Project Estimator, The Murphy Company

14.40 The Blue Book Helps You Build Your Business Through Relationships

Mark Napier, Director of Project Information, The Bluebook Network
Ed Haege, Director of ONETEAM, The Bluebook Network

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10.30 Case Study: Maximizing Skills for Model- Based Take-off Across Teams

Christopher Nash, Preconstruction Coordinator, William R. Nash Inc.

11.10 Leveraging Data from REVIT Models with Speed & Efficiency

Suleiman Alsafuori, Project Manager, Corbins Electric

11.50 Achieving Model-Based Estimation & Real-Time Revit Synchronization Using MTWO 5D Software

Mickey Carr, CEO, RIB Americas

12.20 Lunch Break

13.20 Case Study: Transitioning to a New Software to Improve Accuracy of Estimates

Navneet Agrawal, Chief Estimator, Hathaway Dinwiddie
Brian Moon, BIM Manager, Hathaway Dinwiddie

14.00 Harnessing BIM as a Collaborative Tool

Bryan Niles, Senior Preconstruction Manager, Warfel Construction

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10.30 Optimizing Collaborative Planning Meetings to Establish Realistic Preconstruction Timelines

John Reich, Preconstruction Manager, The Beck Group

11.10 Improving Reporting of Initial Timelines to Teams to Clarify Expectations

Dan Cook, Director of Preconstruction Services, R&H Construction

12.20 Lunch Break

13.20 Case Study: Harnessing Lessons Learned on Past Projects to Find True Success with 5D BIM

Brent Pilgrim, DESTINI Applications Director, The Beck Group

14.00 Aligning Scheduling & Estimating in the Preconstruction Phase

Jay Stoda, Preconstruction Leader, DPR Construction
Colin Thrift, Corporate Risk Leader, DPR Construction
Charlie Dunn, Visual Planning & Construction Leader, DPR Construction

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10.30 Drafting the A Team: How to Forge Trust & Alignment of All Players for Preconstruction Victory

George Watts, Program Executive, Hoar Program Management
Jeremiah Donati, Director of Intercollegiate Athletics, Texas Christian University
David Skaggs, Principal, HKS Architects
Jerry Crawford, VP & General Manager, Turner Construction

11.10 The Owner Perspective: Establishing Effective Design Reviews to Ensure Constructability & Minimize On-going Design Changes

Katie Willis, VP Preconstruction & Estimating, The Howard Hughes Corporation

11.50 The GC Perspective: Establishing an Effective Independent Review Process to Confirm Constructability of Designs

Mike Clippinger, VP & National Quality Director, JE Dunn Construction

12.20 Lunch Break

13.20 Managing & Documenting Design Changes & Updates

Kelsey Stein, National Preconstruction Technology Manager, Skanska USA

14.00 Case Study: Outlining How Subcontractors Can Be Brought in Earlier to Increase Quality & Accuracy of Designs

Justin Davis, VP Preconstruction, Walker Engineering

14.40 Benchmarking Best Practices to Streamline Communication & Transparency Throughout the Design Process

Afternoon Refreshments


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15.40 Panel: Leveraging Lessons Learned Across Past Projects to Ensure Continuous Improvement of Preconstruction Workflows

Joe Sugiyama, Director of Preconstruction, CA Ventures
Phil Larson, Program Manager, Sound Transit
Doug Heinrich, Director of Estimating, Mortenson
Steve Loneman, Director of Preconstruction, LeChase Construction
Kristen Young, Senior Cost Estimator, MBP Inc

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15.40 Working Groups: How Are You Dealing with Lack of Skilled Tradesmen in the Current Market & What Can Be Done to Bring Down Inflated Costs?

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15.40 Panel: Ensuring All Stakeholders Become Proactive Contributors in Design Meetings

Boris Letuchy, Director of Project Management, Union Bank
Jennifer Cull, Associate Principal, Beck Architecture LLC
Ernesto Miranda, Principal, Magellan Architects
Jacob Keith, Director of Preconstruction, Layton Construction
Justin Davis, VP Preconstruction, Walker Engineering


Visit the exhibition space to meet and talk in more depth with our sponsors about their solutions and what their tools can do for you. Hear some short stories about where the solutions are going, and what they can really do to help you.

Redefining Preconstruction

Redefining Preconstruction: How Can We Prove & Maximize the Value of Preconstruction Services?


  • Reviewing the business case for preconstruction services: Where can it have the most significant impact and how can this be used to drive buy in from all stakeholders?
  • Exploring the boundaries of ‘Preconstruction’ and how each party can maximize the value they bring to the table
  • Benchmarking realistic costs of full preconstruction services and improving the way this is managed between clients, design and construction firms

BuildingConnected Sponsored Drinks Reception